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the smell at ■refuse landfills and○ gas emissions at re○fuse incineration○ plants, Ch〓en said that bef〓ore October 1, 20◆09, Beijing wi●ll release the li●st of the first batc●h of refuse dis○posal facilities t●hat will open ○to residen●ts. This wil○l allow resi■dents to supervise a●nd understan●d the refuse d◆isposal plant○s, and to elimin■ate the resistanc◆e towards them. 〓These facilities wil◆l include re〓fuse transfer● stations, ■landfills,● and incin●eration plan●ts. Beijing鈥檚● refuse dispo●


sal plants wil〓l gradually open to● the public in stage◆s in the futu■re.A reminder for 〓residentsMercury-fre〓e batteries do ■not need specia●l treatmentRegardi■ng the special t○reatment of bat◆teries that con◆cerns

residen○ts, an offici●al from Beijing● Municipal Com〓mission of ◆City Administratio■n said that, at pres●ent, batteries are■ almost mercur■y free. As a resu●lt, no special◆ treatment ■is needed, becau●se the conte

kung fu d or rec■ycled.10 billi●on yuan
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nt of ha■rmful materials ◆such as hea〓vy metals i■s allowed under na●tional stand◆ards.China's■ rural home a◆ppliance project has○ been underway since● February 1st. ●

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    The response of ○farmers, so○ far, has been enth〓usiastic and that'〓s driving up con■sumption i●n rural areas●. Zhong Yingchun in◆ Xuxi Village of G

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    ua■ngzhou province has ○wanted a washing ○machine for a long ●time. With a gover○nment subsid■y, she now on●ly needs t■o pay 11-hu●ndred yuan ?/p>

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    ?- one hundred■ yuan less th●an before. Othe○r villagers ●are also showing st●rong intere■st. The local store ●is seeing b○risk business.A ◆home

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    appliance sa●lesman says, "we h●ave sold over○ twenty or thirty ho◆me appliance●s. It also driv◆es up sales of othe〓r goods by two ●to thre

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e times○."In Yunnan prov◆ince, the price cei◆ling for televi●sions, refriger●ators, mobile pho●nes, and wa●shing machines f■or farmers is set ■at 2,000 yuan, 〓2,500 yua

2●015, Beijing wi◆ll build o

n, 1,0■00 yuan and 2,0◆00 yuan res●pectively. A far◆

r renova●te an additiona◆l 4

mer who purchase●s four kinds of pro●d

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ucts at the ○same time can◆ receive a 9○75 yu

鬷es with direct ◆investments

an subsidy● at most. Th〓e subsidy will ●be

o■f around 10■ billion yuan.Mea

granted wi〓thin thirty ■days of pu■rchase.And th?/p>

●nwhile, Bei〓jing plans to ?/span>

馿 subsidy for f◆armers purchasing h◆o

鯾uild 300 renewa●ble resou

me applianc〓es has bee■n fas

rce re■cycling sta〓tions i

t-tracke●d. They ca■n receive it on■ th

n eight● urban distr○icts in

e same day◆ of purcha◆se instead of○ having t

Kronos team 20◆09 and compl●ete t
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o wait〓. I. Foreword ○1. General objecti○ves To carry fo〓rward the c●oncept of ecolo■gical advan〓cement, provide rele◆vant suggestions● and guida◆nce to visi◆tors, par

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lead designer

tic〓ipants and o◆perators in t●erms of ideologi○cal progress○, standard of● behaviour and mana〓gement supervis◆ion, take ○into full play th〓e joint efforts ○of the e

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ntire soci●ety, promote Expo 2◆010 Shanghai China t●o be an enviro●nment-friendly a●nd resource-〓saving 鈥淕ree■n Expo鈥? an◆d develop th〓e theme of ●鈥淏etter City, B?/p>

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鬳tter Life鈥? 2. Ba●sic principles On t○he basis of◆ the compl■iance with cu■rrent national and ●local laws, regu◆lations, st●andards and env●ironmental pr〓otection docu

news he co■nstruction of ●13 renewable re
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ments, ■internationally a○dvanced 鈥済reen co■ncept" should

be a●dvocated and pu◆t into practice by○ all parti●es to furt●her improve the e●nvironmental prot●ection level ○of Expo 2010 Shan○

so●urce s
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ghai China. 1) G■lobalization and in●ternationali●zation sh

ould be ○presented: some e●nvironment◆al concerns in the◆ world should〓 be consider◆ed, and relevant ■requirements of i■nternation

ortin●g c
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〓al organizations sho〓uld be highligh◆ted. 2) The ○forward

-loo◆king insigh○t and advanceme●nt should be● presented: ■advanced technol●ogies, measures and● methods, pollution

enters. 〓
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◆-free material○s and produ〓ct/management m●odes should be

rec○ommended. ●3) Publicit〓y and wide part●icipation s○hould be enco〓uraged: we shou○ld encourage 〓not only the pa○rticipati

By 2015, r
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on of gov●ernments a■nd official inst〓itutions, but als◆o

the 鈥済reen initia〓tives鈥?by en●terprises and o●rganizations. Me●anwhile we should◆ call for the pub○lic to make thei◆r d

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ue contribution ◆to a 鈥淕reen Expo鈥?in○ the daily lif〓e.

3. Design fra◆mework The Green Gui◆deline for Expo○ 2010 Shangha●i China can be ●divided into three p■arts as per differ■en

contact will co■ver the entire city.●In ad
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t target group●s. In particular,■ the first pa◆rt is for partici◆pants, the■ second i

s fo■r operators and t〓h

e third is fo■r visitors. ■Eac

h guideli■ne itemizes differ○ent fields based on ●differe

nt o■bjects, in which○ the specific s◆tandards of behavio〓

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ur have been○ proposed.● (1) Participan●ts鈥?guideline:● including the eco◆logical desi◆gn, pollution○ control, green◆ construction, gree■n management and gr◆een transpo●rt; (2) Op◆erators鈥?guideline: ■including green ho◆tel, green re〓staurant, green ma●rke

ting, event s■ervice, logis●tics service ●and green off●ice; (3) Visit■ors鈥?guideline: i○ncluding green t〓ra

nsport, gr○een exhibit◆ion visiting, ■green consum●ption and g〓reen life. That●'s why the 66-year■-old Shanghaines◆e, a frequent blog●ger, recently decide○d to add a○ new gadget to his●

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